The Student Plan to Make Free International Calls through Reliance Global Call

Studying abroad costs a fortune. There are many students out there who study abroad and are away from their parents. Making international calls can be very expensive for them. Reliance Global Call has come up with a fantastic scheme that allows students to make free international calls. Students just need to register with this service and enjoy 30 minutes of talk time absolutely free.

Reliance Global Call is a division of Reliance Communications. The company is the leading provider in global Telecom operations in India. The company’s main objective is to offer better services to their customers so that they can globally connect with people worldwide. The student plan offered by Reliance Global Call is a wonderful opportunity for students who live or study abroad.

How Does the Student Plan Work?
The student plan can be accessed by students by the following steps:

•    Students need to sign up with this service and enter their promotional code. The promotional code can be got from the gift voucher given to them in India.

•    One they have successfully entered the code, they need to choose the prepaid option

•    The next step involves choosing the phone number of the destination where frequent calls will be made. In case students cannot choose the number, they can get an auto generated number by choosing the ‘auto’ option

•    Next they need to select the denomination value that best suits their needs. After that they need to enter their credit card details along with a valid Email id and other personal details

•    When they are successfully registered, the PIN number will be mailed to the email address provided at the time of registration

This is a wonderful opportunity to make free international calls for 30 minutes. Students no longer have to worry about their long distance phone bills. This service just requires a simple registration. This offer is exclusively available for students who travel from India having the gift voucher.

Normally by using the services offered by Reliance, students can make calls for 6.9 cents per minute. Using the Student plan scheme, they can now talk for additional 30 minutes absolutely free of cost. Reliance aims at bringing people closer for offering attractive schemes and plans.

Reliance Global Calls is a fantastic approach not only for students but also for other customers who need to make frequent calls to other countries. The company periodically comes up with attractive packages that enable customers to derive the maximum benefits from them.

Customers can also transfer money to India, by making use of the PhonePay services offered by Reliance Global Call. Users just need to register with this service and avail 10 minutes of free international calls to any destination worldwide.

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