The Real Cost Of $200 Windows

When you open your mail or drive down the road, you are sure to see advertisement announcing a price of $200 for replacement windows. After seeing several advertisements of different colors and with different phone numbers, all new windows must cost $200. Let’s explore what a $200 window really cost.

A $200 window is a base model that is used to attract price shoppers in order to get a salesperson in their home. Generally the salesperson is honest enough to inform you that the window is a piece of garbage and that a good window will cost at least $400+.

So now let’s assume that the salesman is not honest. Adding Argon gas and a single layer of Low E to meet the energy codes, the price jumps up to more than $300. When the sales person finds that your install is not a “basic install” your price will generally jump another $50-$75 which brings your total to a little under $400. So now we can conclude that a $200 window cost a little under $400.

At this point my article should end, I answered the question correct? Well not really, cheap windows are just cheap windows and are made by companies that make cheap windows. Cheap “vinyl” windows are made of vinyl that is mixed with used plastic.

These windows will always began to fade and discolor, the surface begins to chalk like cheap plastic lawn chairs and the material falls apart. The glass is generally a single strength glass which cracks very easily letting cold air in and creating a hazard. The frames are never sturdy and they will sag due to the weight of the glass this prevents the frames from contacting the weather stripping properly.

The life span of a cheap window is around 3-5 years before they fail. But wait, the sales guy said that they have a lifetime warranty. No warranty is any better than the compant that stands behind it. There are over 600 names brands of windows in the US today, how many can you name? Companies make a ton of money making cheap products and changing their names every few years in order to avoid warranty issues.

To help you put the pieces together, a $200 window is really a $400 replacement window and it will fail in a few years. Once you replace the $400 windows you are at $800 per window.

The question now is how long do you want your windows to last before you need to replace them again? Hopefully you will only want to replace them once in your lifetime. So, how about asking the “$200 window company” for some really good windows?

Let’s take a look at the integrity of a company that sells crappy products. Their marketing is illegal in most areas, they litter telephone poles, place flyers under your windshield and call your home even if you are on the do not call list.

Window companies use what’s called a “bait and switch” tactic where they offer a low price that changes to a higher price once they get into your home. Generally, they haven’t been in business in one area long enough to answer any warranty complaints. Is this the type of company that you want to buy your product from?

You might need to reread this again to understand how a $200 window turned into an $800 window, it’s hard to stomach! If you are going to spend $800 on a window, please only spend it once in your life!

Source by Shane Hester

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