Please Define What Antiques Are

An antique is any object which has reached an age which makes them a witness to a previous era in the world.

An antique is an object which typically shows a degree of craftsmanship or has a certain attention to design such as a desk or an early car. In this consumer driven society of today an antique is above all an object which typical construction and age provide it with a value in today's market that is higher than similar objects made more recently. You will find that a large number of museums will make considerable use of antiques in order to illustrate historical events and provide those events with a practical context.

Any object can become an antique in the future as long as it survives, but the snob factor and the article actually being socially accepted can only help to ensure that it is actually worth some value in the market place in the future.

Unfortunately you may find that the term "antique" will occasionally be used as an insult, if say some one wants to depreciate the usefulness of an item or a procedure that is being carried out. In fact those people who have decided to reject the trappings of the consumer society we live in today have revised the markets which help to inflate the value (monetary wise) of antique objects since their usefulness or aesthetic qualities.

Many antiques can be bought at either an antique shop or be passed down from generation to generation. Even you are really keen on antiques then the more valuable items can be bought through either an antique dealer, at auction or purchased online at either a website or online auction.

The definition that is presented in relation to what an antique is varies from source to source, product to product and year to year but some of the more tried and tested definitions which descent consideration are as follows: –

An antique is an item which is at least 75 years old and is being collected due to the rarity of the item, its condition, its usefulness or something other feature that is unique to it. In some cases you will find cars that are more than 25 years are considered antiques in the USA and even some electronic pieces of equipment of more recent vintage will be considered as an antique.

An antique is any piece of furniture or a decorative object which has been produced in a previous period of time and has become valuable because of its beauty or rarity.

By using these definitions you are allowing distinction between what is considered a genuine antique piece, a vintage item or just a collectable object.

However, sometimes the term antique is solely restricted to the remnants of ancient art such as sculptures, gems, medals, seals etc., and in the most limited sense of the meaning it only applies to Greek or Roman art and will not include any artistic remains of other ancient cultures and societies or any other classical piece of art produced at a date later than the fall of the Western empire.

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