Jigsaw Puzzles – Good For Checking Your Smartness

Do you think you are smart? Then what can be better than testing your smartness with a set of good and challenging jigsaw puzzles?

Jigsaw problems come as a set of small irregular shaped tiles or pieces, which when put together correctly take the form of an object like a building or an airplane.

But for the most popular jigsaw games: pieces when put together properly take the form of a rectangle. But the catch is the small pieces are also part of a big picture and when put together correctly the small pieces should complete a meaningful picture.

The complexity of these games can vary from really simple to almost impossible ones.

The jigsaw for kids can have around 25 to 50 pieces whereas the most challenging ones can have more than 1000 pieces.

These days, many gaming software companies are creating this type of games for computers. So if you have a computer or similar device you can play these puzzles without messing with scores of small pieces.

Now 3d jigsaw games are also getting very popular. These 3d ones are normally made of wood or Styrofoam. 3d variations are also called burr puzzles by some people.

Here the pieces are not simple 2d or flat tiles but pieces of a 3d objects. But the pieces are made in counter intuitive way so that you can not predict the correct way of putting pieces together just by watching. As you can imagine the 3d ones more challenging and entertaining than regular 2d ones.

Source by Tapan Sarkar

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