How To Transfer Music To PSP

As a new user of the PSP, you probably ask the same question again and again regarding the functions and the adaptability of the portable gaming console. In particular, how to transfer music to PSP is one of the things that users immediately ask about. Transferring music to PSP involves simple procedures and will not be a problem. Even a novice can do it as long as they are familiar with the PSP's controls.

In following the procedures of transferring music to PSP, one must first be familiarize with formats a PSP is able to recognize and play. A good condition PSP with firmware version 2.60 or higher will be able to play music format in MP3, ATRAC3plus, MP4, WAV and WMA files. Having a firmware version lower than 2.60 means that some of the music formats mentioned will not be playable.

The second thing to remember is to use a Memory Stick Duo instead of a Memory Stick Pro Duo. The earlier type of memory stick will work well with the better type of stick than Memory Stick Pro Duo for music files.

You will need some equipment, particularly the PSP, a computer, a Memory Stick Duo or Pro Duo, and a USB cable with a Mini-B connector on one end.

First, the Memory Stick is inserted into the appropriate slot which is located in the left side of the portable game console. The number of music that you will store on a PSP will depend on the capacity of the storage device.

Once the USB has been inserted, turn on the PSP. Connect the other end of the USB cable in the PSP to your PC or Mac. When you observe the USB cable, you'll find that there's a Mini-B connector on one end and a standard USB connector on the other side, this one goes to the USB plug of the computer.

Once the PSP and PC are connected, look for the USB connection from the "Settings" option in the PSP. Then press the X button. Once you've pressed the button, the PSP will display words "USB Mode" and your PC or Mac will recognize it as a USB storage device.

The next step involves dragging and dropping image files into a folder that you've already created. Its pretty much like using any other programs in a computer interface.

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