Everything About Bank Of America – Financial Rewards Visa Platinum Plus

The Bank of America is a company of repute and is well known for its financial products and services. With its sea of ​​offers and quality services, you can benefit the most if you are a member of the large group.

The Bank of America has introduced the Bank of America -Financial Rewards Visa Platinum Plus, which offers excellent rewards facilities, which are very attractive and lucrative. Before going into the details of the facilities provided by the card, it is important to understand the features of the card.

The Features Of The Card

The credit card offers a 0 percent annual percentage rate on purchases and balance transfers for a period of six months. After the introductory rate expires, a variable APR is introduced. The APR varies with the Prime Rate but it is usually quite reasonable, a little more than 5.99 percent. The card does not bore you with any annual fees.

This credit card is apt for those who have a good credit.

The Rewards Program

· The word reward is very specific in the name Bank of America – Financial Rewards Visa Platinum Plus. Equipped with this card, you can take home $ 600 in cash for the purchases you make each year.

· With your initial purchase, you can earn 5 points. You can also earn $ 1 for each $ 100 spent in a billing cycle.

· There is also the chance of approaching 5 bonus points for transferring a balance of $ 2500.

· When it comes to redeeming the accumulated points, you get one dollar for each reward point.

· The reward expiration period is 5 years. The period is applicable on rebate, points and reward program.

· The points are also redeemable in 25-points increment. The points can also be redeemed for cash back checks or may be direct deposited in the account.

· You can also benefit mostly from the credit card and avoid the finance charges if you make your payments on time.

The Extra Benefits

The other benefits that can be enjoyed for using this card are auto rental insurance, total security protection, cash rental checks at no additional fees, travel and emergency assistance, purchase replacement and similar advantages.

There are other features such as no liability for unauthorized transactions, purchase guard, etc, to protect you. You can also benefit from the online banking services. You can also use the online account manager to save time and money, check your balances and make timely payments.

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