Checking The Eight-Armed Sea Creature

Octopuses or Octopi?

Merriam-Webster had already discussed whether what is more appropriate or ideal word to use for the plural form of octopus. Actually, both terminologies are equally accepted and nobody would claim he or she is right and pinpoint who is incorrect. However, octopus has been one of the sea creatures that have been very unique. Other than the four pairs of arms, these creatures are bilateral symmetric. These sea creatures have a mouth as the center point of the arms and this mouth has a solid beak. Octopus has also two eyes. According to marine life scientists and researchers, like squids, octopus is one of the most intelligent among all invertebrates. These creatures had been part of human culture in terms of mythology and for food as well.

Knowing the Creature

In popular culture, octopus is known through its eight arms which bear a lot of suction cups. Most of these creatures do not have internal skeleton allowing them to clutch through small spaces or places. The sea or the ocean with coral reefs is considered to be their haven. They use their flexibility, color changing ability and expel ink for defense. Marine experts tagged these sea creatures as venomous. Nonetheless, only one octopus species are considered to be lethal to humans (the blue-ringed octopus). In a larger scale, there are more or less 300 octopus kinds that have been recognized or recorded. This number has been considered to be one-third of the total ratio of cephalopod species.

The Eight-Armed Intelligence

The octopus' intelligence is shown in terms of problem-solving and maze activity which has demonstrated the creativity's short and long term memory. Although much had been discovered and studied in recent years, the animal's intelligence remained very unfounded and is still opened to discussions among sea biologists. However, some scientists foretell that if humans would be erased in the face of the earth, these intelligent invertebrates would take charge of the new earth.

The North Pacific Giant Octopus

The Enteroctopus dofleini or the North Pacific Giant Octopus is considered to be the largest amongst octopus species. In average, a fully grown adult would weigh around fifteen kilos or 33 pounds. Its arm span would reach up to an average of fourteen feet or 4.3 meters. However, the largest or largest recorded North Pacific Giant Octopus weighed 71 kilos or 156.5 pounds. The closest contender, however, is the Seven-Arm Octopus (the Halipron atlanticus) which is according to documents; its heaviest was around 61 kilos or 134 pounds.

Source by Jens Peter Jensen

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