Changing Your Account Passwords Regularly

You are always advised to keep changing your passwords of your email account regularly. This is quite easy to do. However you should know that with changing the password of your Hotmail account, your Windows Live personalized services password too changes.

It takes only a minute or so to change your password in Hotmail account. First type the URL and let the page open up on your monitor like normal. Then sign in using your email id and password to get to the settings page.

When your homepage with your name appears, click on your name that is on the right side top end of the page and you will get a pull down list to work with. Choose ~Account "from the list and follow the instructions that go along with it.

Now you get several options including the ~Account information ', ~Password reset information ~as well as other options. Click on the Account information and under that go to the option called ~change "that appears next to your hidden password marked with asterisks.

The password change process can be a bit tedious for you will be required to type your old password, your new password as well as retype and confirm your new password once again. You should always key in alphanumeric password that has more than six characters and can be either capitalized or in small letters.

The passwords are always case sensitive and require you to type always the same letters in the same order as your have inserted either in Caps or small letters. The system will also show if your password is strong, medium or weak depending upon the password you type wherever it is easily recognizable or is commonly used.

If you wish to increase the security of your account, you can also turn on the password expiry feature available in your account so that every 72 days the password expires and the system prompts you to type in a new password thereby strengthening the security of your account .

Once you have finished with the password setting all you have to do is to click on Save button. The screen changes and you go back to the Account overview web page. The system will also tell you that your new information has been saved. Now you are done with your changing password.

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