An Adrenaline Rush Can Be Dangerous

The definition says that adrenaline rushes are basically anxiety attacks and are one of the major causes to heart related problems and they play a major part in the increase of blood pressure and cholesterol. Adrenaline, or Epinephrine, is a substance that contains catecholamine (dihydroxy-phenyl and hydroxyl) grouped with noradrenalin and dopamine. These released in the nerve terminals act like a neurotransmitter. Once released in the circulating blood from the glands, it becomes cause of the stressful stimuli. The adrenaline rush increases when a person is under extreme stress and or is angry. The release of this hormone sometimes also referred to as the “flight or fight hormone,” can engage an individual in unhealthy behaviors, frustration, personality disorders and also can put on risk of heart attacks and panic attacks. Adrenaline rush can produce insane energy temporarily but may prove to be fatal as it weakens the body and mind altogether.

To some the adrenaline rush is a supernatural ability and most of the people consider it as a natural response during a stressful condition. The major psychological symptoms are; extreme anger, depression, phobias, depersonalization, irritability, insomnia, and lack of concentration. All this symptoms again lead to other physical symptoms i.e.: eating disorders, indigestion and vomiting, abdominal pains, suffocation, dizziness, chest pains, frequent urination and dry mouth. How to cope with adrenaline rush anxiety attack; talk to a friend, take a healthy diet, make notes and identify symptoms, discuss your fears, exercise, adopt a healthy activity or a hobby, avoid situations which can produce anger, do not hesitate to take psychiatrist help, socialize, express yourself frequently since it really helps to release the pressure and tension.

Do not take drugs or tranquilizers and reduce the amount of caffeine or nicotine in form of smoking. We strongly advise to take an adequate amount of sleep and avoid alcohol. If you find any symptoms in yourself or your friend, spouse or children, try to draw the attentions towards other social activities. You can avoid attacks by simply trying to adopt other healthier ways. Join a hobby club, take up swimming lessons, do yoga or go on shopping. Divert attention and people had been able to manage the adrenaline rush anxiety attack with the help of self-suggestion method. Hypnosis is another method to identify the underlying causes of stress and mental tension. Meditation is also a remedy to cope with adrenaline rush anxiety attacks.

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